Conversations with Dominic Carter

Wendy Williams talks the man she's Dating, Covid 19, and all things Wendy!

March 07, 2021 Dominic Carter Season 1 Episode 5
Conversations with Dominic Carter
Wendy Williams talks the man she's Dating, Covid 19, and all things Wendy!
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Legendary TV Host Wendy Williams talks to Commentator Dominic Carter  about the guy she's dating, and how they spend hours talking. Wendy Williams  asks  Dominic "If he is out of his mind?" when Dominic asks  Wendy if she knew her career was going to be this phenomenal!!! "Did you see my Lifetime Movie, and documentary!!!" Wendy counters....regarding the adversity Wendy has had to overcome,  as a woman in a male dominated field. Wendy says: "I'm a Grown Woman, with a Grown Career!!  Wendy also talks  coping during the Covid-19 environment.  At the end of the day, Wendy says she is just a girl from Ocean Township, New Jersey . How you DOING!!!

Announcer: " We all know and love him. Our host, Dominic Carter has moderated debates with Hillary Clinton, Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and even interviewed Nelson Mandela. Here was our host political commentator, Dominic Carter."

Dominic Carter  0:21 
"And this is how we do it. Dominic Carter with you and this episode, TV host Wendy Williams, on all things, Wendy! This is from my radio show on  77  WABC. In New York."

Prerecorded Show Open of Different Voices. 0:41 
(Wendy Williams) My new friend who I also hear on Curtis Sliwa's old radio show.
 (Hillary Clinton) Well, Dominic, as you might guess I've been asked that a few times before
(NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio)  Dominic, you've asked me many a strong political question before
(NJ Senator Robert Menendez)  To those in the press, who did their job and did it with professionalism. And even to some of you who were actually kind where Dominic?
(Former President Trump)I think you are really in a very, very high league. And I watched some of your competitors on, frankly, the National shows. And I say, why aren't you doing a national show? Because I really think your delivery and your questioning, and your brain power is really at the highest level. So that's good.
(Wendy Williams again) This is Dominic Carter, everybody.
(Announcer) Here's Dominic Carter, on talk radio 77 WABC....

Dominic Carter  1:26 
"And we have a special guest right now. And she is a legendary talk show host and her name is Wendy Williams."

Prerecorded Wendy Williams Open.  1:39 
How you doing ?
How you doing?
What you doing?
How you doing?

Dominic Carter  1:49 
"Wendy, Are you with me?"

Wendy Williams  1:51 
"Yes. What an intro. Hi Dom, hi everybody. I am not only a steady listener, but I am also a respectable human being."

Dominic Carter  2:04 
"Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Yes. You are."

Wendy Williams. 2:06 
" And if you say one slick word, I will hang up on you."

Dominic Carter  2:10 
"Okay. All right. That's fair enough. Wendy, I'll take that. I want to know, first of all, I wanted to speak to you as it relates to COVID, and so on, everybody's life has been changed. But you have to do a daily TV show, your an international figure, what's been the impact of COVID as it relates to your life?"

Wendy Williams 2:33 
"Well, the big deal is, is that we don't have our live audience. You know, the audience there when I come out of the double doors of my talk show heard, or seen locally here in New York on Fox 5, but also internationally, like Dominic said,, by the way, when I come out, I sweat and and get very ebullient. And the lack of audience now, surprisingly, has not made me lackluster in my delivery, in my opinion, because I come from radio like you. And, and, and Curtis not not come from..... but but I've been behind the mic for 36 years, you know, and 12 years, you know, we're in our season 12 of the talk show. But, you know, the audience is not there. My audience is actually my staffers..... after the show is done Everyone scatters they go to their offices and cubicles and we we get the show ready for tomorrow. So that's been, you know, different. But for me, it's been fine. We get tested every day."

Dominic Carter.
"Oh my God."

Wendy Williams.
No, no, we've got medics on staff. Well medics, that are not on my staff. But you know, medics, you know who come in to test us all, all of us every day! Whether whether you're me, whether you're you know, stocking sodas in the green room, whether you're a producer, or whether you're security or whether you're a secretary, everyone gets tested. We get up the nose, down the throat spit in  the vile, take the temperature the whole bit. So if that's been really odd, but it's made us closer, Dominic closer as a family working  the show,"

Dominic Carter
"Wow. Go ahead. "

Wendy Williams
"The virtual go on Wendy and their virtual but they're not in the studio, you know? Yeah."

Dominic Carter  4:59 
"So you you are doing phenomenal on television. Did  you think? Did  you know, your career was going this high?"

Wendy Williams 5:08 

Dominic Carter
"Wow! "

Wendy Williams
"Are you out of your mind? Did you see my lifetime event?"

Dominic Carter  5:16 
"Yes. I did the movie on on on lifetime. Yes, I did see it."

Wendy Williams  5:21 
"And also the documentary which by the way people can still now get on, you know, on demand Hulu the whole bit lifetime, whatnot. No, I had no idea, Dominic.

Dominic Carter
"Wow. Wow."

Dominic Carter  5:37 
"You're still doing your show, and we see it every day, and we're so proud of you. I have to be honest with you. We're so proud of you, Wendy. What what's going through your mind these days, I know you've got a million things on your plate as a phenomenal businesswoman. But what goes on your mind these days is a dare I say? Is there any good gossip about celebrities? Anything you want to tell us about? Are you gonna stay away from that right now?"

Wendy Williams  6:03 
"I'm not here for gossip Dominic. Okay."

Dominic Carter  6:05 
"All right. So explain explain to me what I don't think a lot of people understand that you listen to talk radio."

Wendy Williams  6:16 
"All the time. I ride in on Bernie and Sid."

Dominic Carter
"Look at that."

Wendy Williams
"Yeah, I do. Yep I do when I leave my apartment, because now I don't live in Jersey anymore. I'm from Livingston, New Jersey, by the last 20 something years, but I'm from ocean Township, which is in Monmouth County. That's where I was raised. I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston. But New York has always been to me, my city, because it's been the closest to my suburban household. It's like if you grew up on Long Island, you know, Manhattan is your place. So you know, I live here now. And I am part of, you know, opinion on everything in my mind. So."

Dominic Carter  7:10 
"You actually listen to Bernie and Sid in the morning."

Wendy Williams

Dominic Carter
"Wow. And I know for a fact that you listen to Curtis Sliwa. And, and now Juliet who is on now  5am. Did you  sometimes listen to them in the afternoon,"

Wendy Williams  7:24 
No, well, Juliet actually comes along early in the morning before Bernie and Sid, Know your lineup Dom! Sometimes I do leave my house at 5am to be on the show by 10am. But I do errands and things like that. And yes, I am a fan. Look I go all the way back to Bob Grant."

Dominic Carter  7:52 
"Bob Grant?"

Wendy Williams 7:54 

Dominic Carter  7:56
"Wow! Wow, you go back that far. Okay, Wendy go ahead. Go ahead."

Wendy Williams  8:00 
"I remember when joy Behar was a talk show host on on radio. I Go back that far. You know, I recollect all those things. And I always thought it was weird. And one day I could tell my story. But I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready!!! And now the time has come. And I had no idea when someone will be ready for me to be able to help me tell my story. But yeah, I'm just I'm just a girl from Jersey. Wow, you know, who.... I'm dating. And COVID has had a great impact on dating. You can't kiss anyone. You can't hold hands. You can mask and be six feet across from the table, but a lot of phone conversation. And, you know we had during February, a date with Wendy and I chose a guy named Mike Esterman. And Mike is fabulous. And we did it..... like the old school dating game. You and I Dom...are both old enough to know the old school. So I chose Mike. And Mike is a great conversationalist and we talk hours. Mike a short conversation is one hour. A regular one is two and we put the phone down we walk away from it, we come back to it and we're still there holding on.... like that. But you know, I'm 56 I know I look 36."

Dominic Carter  9:43 
"You know... you do... you do? It's just you know Wendy  in this day and age. I gotta be careful what I say Wendy, you know?"

Wendy Williams 9:50 
"No, I know!!! I know!!!  But I'm telling you. I'm a grown woman. And with a grown career, I planned this career. This isn't happenstance!!! I knew in sixth grade what I wanted to be and Frankie Crocker and Dan Ingram, and people like that they influenced me like, wow, I come home from school. And that was back when being a latchkey kid was really safe. And no one would be there. But I would I peel the potatoes and, you know, get things prepped. For my mom, I was this sous chef. And, you know, I have an older sister, she graduated from Tufts University, and the younger brother, who is a school teacher. And my mom and dad, my mom passed away, back home a few months ago. And it took me a grip in my heart to announce it. But my mom and dad were married for 65 years. Wow. I and I never heard them fight the way we fight today. The way we fight today is sleep on the couch or get the hell out until tomorrow. But But I grew up in the waist side section of ocean Township. And, you know, my mom passed at the hospital. And, you know, I mean."

Dominic Carter  11:23 
"I know... I know, it's tough. I know. I know. It's tough. Wendy. I know what's tough. I know. It's tough. Yeah, we're talking to legendary television host live Wendy Williams. You can see her Monday through Fridays on the Fox network here, internationally. And at 10 at 10am. Thank you. Thank you, Wendy. And I wanted to talk to you again, we got to wrap up in a minute or so. But I wanted to talk to you, again, as it related to COVID. And how you're handling this situation? Has it been tough for you on a personal level as a human being?"

Wendy Williams 11:57 
"Yeah, we don't have to talk again about that. That's real quick, right? Yes. Right. Yeah, the answer is yes. You know, I like the grocery stores and all that stuff. And it's been years documented of me, you know, leaving my job and going to, you know, the hardware store, the grocery store, the dry cleaners getting my nails done, none of that stuff is the same as it was and, and everything gets sprayed down, wiped off. And I am very close, you know, ironically, because of COVID. Because we can't go out and see our regular friends regularly. But I am a very much of a doctor person. I have the doctors who are open now. And I go to my doctors and my family. You know, I have lymphedema. I have five or six  Diseases. Graves disease. You know, I have things along with my age and whatnot that, you know, predispose... Did I say that right?"

Dominic Carter  13:08 
"Yes, you did. Go right ahead."

Unknown Speaker  13:10 
 "Yeah. For stuff. So yeah. And then boyfriend, you got to be tested, tested, tested again. And when I say boyfriend, doesn't mean we're doing anything more than meeting at a restaurant. You'd like you're not even covering my house. It's all weird. And my son, young Kev is now pointing to Wow. And I wanted to tell him, don't think that you're invincible. And you know, my dad just turned 90 on February 16. And, and dad is doing great. My family migrated from appear to down there in Florida."

Dominic Carter  14:00
 "Wendy. I'm running out of time. Monday is Women's International Day. And what I've noticed about all highly successful people like yourself, Oprah, you know, it doesn't matter.... you notice everything that's going on around you. What does that mean to you as you've done very well as a woman in a business that's dominated by men."

Wendy Williams  14:20 
"Being an observer is the most intricate part of doing my job. I am an observer doesn't mean I comment on everything. But I observe I absorb and I squint."

Dominic Carter  14:37 
"Wendy, Wait, let me go back. I still can't believe that you listen to the morning show here on WABC."

Wendy Williams  14:51 
"Every morning when I get in the car and frowning. "

Dominic Carter  14:57 
"Wow! And you're aware of legendary Bob Grant."

Wendy Williams  15:01 
"I was a fan of Bob Grant before I knew of any of you. "

Dominic Carter

Wendy Williams
"Including you and Sid & Bernie. And NOT because I agree with politics, but because I believe that people need to be informed about all sides of the bar."

Dominic Carter  15:20 
"Wow, I agree with you on that. And, you know, I'm here with one  of the great co hosts here. Lidia Curanaj. She, um, your niece worked under her. Go ahead, Wendy"

Lidia Curanaj  15:37 

Wendy Williams  15:40 
"Lydia, Lydia. Thank you. Alex is doing well in Miami. She's on ABC in Miami and modeling her way through being a reporter when I say muddle up, because I don't know what that means. You're happy or you're sad or you're dating What are you doing? Lydia? You and I both know being on the the woman's side of the track is different from being on the mend? That's right. 100%"

Lidia Curanaj  16:09 
"There are things that we go through that a man will never go through. We have had those guys looking at us saying things to us and...."

Wendy Williams  16:16 
"yes, yup, yep. Lydia, Lydia. I was I was listening to Sara Lee Kessler and saying oh my gosh, I grew up with her voice her face her whole thing it's it's it's Yeah, lead. I'll tell her you said Hello."

Lidia Curanaj  16:34 
"Yes, I still keep in touch with her. She's like a superstar now main anchor in Miami. And Wendy you're just such an inspiration to all of us women out there you made it You are a superstar and you tell it like it is you are the original tell it like it is whether you like it or not. That's what I love about you!"

Wendy Williams  16:53 
"I don't like it. And I don't like it because I want I don't want I didn't sign up to be tell it like it is or you know, a person to be admired. I just signed up to be just Wendy from jersey. Yeah."

Lidia Curanaj  17:08 
"that's That's true. That's true."

Wendy Williams  17:10 
"What we go though? There you There you go."

Lidia Curanaj  17:13 
"You just what do you think? Like, why so many? everybody's like, it doesn't matter what color you are like everybody loves you. Why do you think that is you've never, you know? Well, I'm a I'm a white girl from the Bronx. But I always felt like a when you talk that resonated with me?"

Wendy Williams  17:30 
"I don't know. I don't know. I grew up in ocean Township, New Jersey, the wayside section. And I was always considered corny, to my own. And still some squinted and said she's not corny. And I never tried to vacillate from exactly who I am. And now it is what it is."

Dominic Carter  17:59 
"Hey, Wendy, you know I'm looking at you blew up my Twitter feed and one of your fancy I'm looking at it says Lucia. Santoli? She says when we told that we said you were going to be on she says here No way. So excited. Love Wendy, what do you say Wendy Williams, what do you say to your fans?"

Wendy Williams  18:15 
"I listened to you. When I when I leave work. Like this is my thing. And but I also I also listened to all the XM all the Sirius satellites. I listen, I love hip hop. And I'm not denying that I don't love, you know, Kaia my neck by back, but at the same time. But at the same time, I'm a grown woman. And I've got a voice and I've got to, I like to know, all sides. Whether I agree or disagree. You need to have all voices and then scramble and then make your own voice and I'm so proud. Me and my show. This is me signing off, by the way. Okay. All right. Me and my show. We are going into our 13th season in September. We have worked so hard. I honestly as Wendy from radio to TV, never thought to make it past. You know, that three seasons. When we did our six weeks sneak peek. I never thought we'd get the sums up for one season. And I used to tell my ex Come on if we just save money and make it hard. And let's go and now everything has you know, been everything is bigger than I ever thought. Damn, Lidia. Honestly. Bigger than I ever thought."

Dominic Carter  19:57 
"Wow Wow. Williams Yeah,  clearly... but we I thank you so much for taking the time out today"

Wendy Williams  20:05 
"But but but Dom "

Dominic Carter
"Go ahead.

Wendy Williams
"I want to remind New Yorkers, please mask up. Please let's bring our city back. Please let's we get more than just the few West wants open. And I've been to a lot like now that I'm here, and my kid is in Florida, and I'm divorced, I am an empty nester and I will lie on going out to eat. And, you know, you know that 25% isn't enough. It's 2% is not enough. I want to see that thing. But we have to be careful and not go out and be reckless. And, you know, we wear our masks, carry the sanitizes and just, you know, take care of each other. Take care of each other."

Dominic Carter  21:05 
"The Great TV host Wendy Williams. I have also appeared on Wendy show her television show. And again, I want to thank the one and only Wendy Williams for making time to talk to me. I also enjoyed the Lifetime movie on her life. And Wendy is so correct. In fact, she's dead on one. We must must take care of each other. Our programming now on March 23, March 24. You can catch me on the Steve Adubato TV show that's on PBS. Steve is a great journalists a great host and it will air in the New York tri state area. Or if you don't live in the New York tri state area. You can watch it online from around the world. The website is touting that org that is touting the actual word. typed out that org. You can always catch me on WABC Radio in New York. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Always, always, always think positive. And remember, nothing in life can stop you. But you!!!!"

Announcer  22:31 
join us next time for conversations with Dominic Carter. reach out to Dominic on Twitter at @DominicTV. Dominic looks forward to hearing from you. Thank you for joining us.